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kwaad maak crew - Club Irridium, grant opening , Dj tony (kmc) Dj admiral Weekends, Wed : 40+( roots & culture) Thurs: freestyle open mic session Fri. : Ingozi house party Sat : DanceHall Extreme Sun: Live Bands Place : Phillipi factories Venue: stock road, behind coal. Dress code: smart casual C.o.D :R20, Stri
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tabba vuilgat (10 sec ago)
ouens dai man Tabba kom soek ngal guns byrie ouens om vir bowwow t skiet byrie lyn bow 2fone g rob it by hom taxi naiers hy was die weknd by die glas oek vire gun soe jj dai nai luus op jou werk hom die vuiL vet gàt
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